Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When the Pittsburgh Penguins Play, you never know how the game is going to go.

We won the second part of the Stanley Cup series on Wednesday, 6-2 against the Washington Capitals.

Yes, I’m talking about hockey.

It was a seven-game stretch with both teams playing to their full potential. Lots of torn up ice covered both rinks. Yet the Pens pulled ahead in the end and won.

Yes, I’m still talking about hockey.

Even more incredible was that the Pens won both series on an away game in hostile territory, with the home team cheering --first the Flyers and then the Capitals– only for the Pens to take the game away. Then they shook hands and shared hugs and left with such a wonderful feeling knowing they were moving ahead.


So now we will play the next team – Carolina Hurricanes. They are the last team to compete against to win the Eastern Division before meeting the Black Hawks from the Western Division for the Stanley Cup Finals. It will be the BATTLE OF THE BIRDS!

Er, wait. Oh, yeah. We might go against that other team from the West. What was their name? Red Dings? Bed Wings? Wed Rings?

Hee-hee! Buck is so going to slam me about this!

Whatever . . . GO PENS!


  1. Well, both my teams are out of it. The Kings (they're usually out of it by January) and the Devils. So I'd kinda like to see your Pens win it. Gotta like that Crosby kid.

  2. I don't watch alot of hockey but I watch Sportscenter highlights. Was it someone on your team that got sliced in the neck with a skate blade? Anyway, go Pens!!

  3. BUCK is going to slam you? How about me, the sad little Bruins fan, who so wanted to see his bears playing your flightless aquatic birds, but you seem so very delighted to be playing the tropical windstorms.



  4. I guess technically I should be rootin' for the Avs. Unfortunately for them, I don't watch hockey. So good luck whoever is ahead. Heh heh.

  5. Good luck with the next step. As Angie will tell you, hurricanes blow hard and fast and go away. Stick to the plan and you should be ok.

  6. Chris: Sid the kid is the man! Or at least he finally reached a legal drinking age.

    Theresa: Nope. Not anyone on the Pens got sliced. Wow! I wonder who..

    Suldog: There...there... it will be all right. Truly. I wanted the Hurricanes because I believe the Pens can wallop them. I was more afraid of us playing against the Bruins. Bears against penguins? In nature, that's a massacre with a full stomach for the bear.

    Eric: You're a guy who isn't into hockey? For shame...

    Jinky: Jolly? Hockeysticks? Hee-hee...

    Oren: But hurricanes can be devastating and blow a person off track. I'm hoping the penguins can buckle down, or swim to calmer seas.

  7. Aw, I know close to nothing about hockey. Although I should, living in Scandinavia.
    I know that the Czechs and the Swedes have good teams, but I never watch any sports.;)

  8. Protege: The one thing I like about hockey is the different players from all over the world. The Pens have Russians, Canadians, French, Czechs, and many others I don't know about on just one team. And it basically applies with all the other teams in the NHL and the AHL and so on.

    It's a wonderful global sport that deserves more recognition, especially here in the United States.

  9. Ah... I am SO late to this party. I've watched every one of the Pens' games that Versus (curse them!) have deigned to televise. Scouting, ya know. :D

    I was surprised the 'Canes just rolled right over for your guys... I expected them to put up a MUCH better fight. There might be many reasons for their non-performance: injuries, "out of gas" (see: Bruins series. Sorry, Jim, as noted elsewhere.) and who knows what else. But it is what it is...

    And what it is is Last Season's Blockbuster, all over again. The outcome will be the same, no doubt. :D

  10. Buck: No one expected the sweep. But the Pens deserve all their props for their discipline and play.

    Let the chips fall where they may for this year...



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