Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I feel old.

I can’t believe I finally reached such an awkward age. But I have. The numbers can’t lie.

This is my 250th post.

I still remember those yesterdays when I was struggling to reach 100. Now, I’m 250. Break out the walker and the horse pills, Granny. I’ve officially hit the downslope to what is called, Blogger Addiction.

Really, if you can’t get away from this social network at your 25th mark, then you are doomed to a life of shaky hands and aching eyes and the smell of stale Doritos crumbs wafting from between the computer keys. If you’re one of the smart people, you learned to pace your stories so that you’ll still have something fresh to spout out on a regular basis.

When thinking back, I never knew how this Blogger thing would work for me. During my first year, I only posted four times a month (or less). Now, I’m up to three times a week. Am I prolific enough to post more? Do I have the creative juices to slap in something fresh and original?

I know there is one regular reader of my blog who is nodding his head empathetically. Truthfully, I could post a story twice a day - between 1200 and 2300 words long. That’s how prolific I’ve become.

Of course, I’m not crazy enough to actually DO THIS!

So enjoy my three-times-a-week posts and the fact I have such a weak willpower to not fight off the devil called Blogger as I have fought off all those other social networking evils. I’ve succumbed to the addiction and reached my 250th post.

I don’t know whether to cheer or weep.


  1. You should cheer AND weep. That probably isn't any help. Anyway, you should write when the urge strikes. Happy milestone!

  2. First of all, congratz. That is pretty impressive, getting to post 250. I don't know if I'm the regular reader you were referring to (I highly doubt it...ahem...Suldog...cough cough), but I do believe you have tons of creativity.

    Oh, and stop with the "old" stuff. I'm older than you, dangit. Now get off my lawn, ya punk!

  3. Like Bruce said, write when the urge strikes (and like Eric said, you're a fun read). I've been a 3-times-a-week blogger, and I've deleted my blog, and just been a comment gadfly for a year. Lately, I'm something like 6/month. Life in blog-space is a constantly changing thing. . . 'Cuz heck, I've only just met you recently. . .

  4. You should cheer. I think 250 posts is awesome! I only have about 60 after a year. I always find your posts fresh and original, and really fun to read. Keep going!

  5. I'm just glad you are back even if I can't get by here as often as I used to -- !

  6. Be resigned! Look forward to the next 250!

  7. I keep thinking about Charles Dickens and his serialized novels.

  8. Congratulations Michelle, way to go.,) I found your blog when you celebrated your one year *blogoversary*.:) I remember thinking then to myself, wow, that is a senior blogger.;)) Now I have crossed that age myself.;))
    You are still *blog young*, but I agree on the addiction. I wonder if I am a lost case with my one post a day.;))

  9. Awwww... shucks! Thanks everyone for your kind words and continuing to fuel the fire of my addiction. Who's up next for the BA (blogger addiction) meeting?

  10. Congratulations - I am due to rollover to 200!
    So much fun
    and love your blog

  11. Thanks! I'm rooting for you! Come on 200 for Four Paws!

  12. Congratulations! I expect your well won't run dry for a long time. And we're all better off for that!

  13. Agree with Suldog. You keep us honest with ourselves. How about cake and icecream for the next meeting.
    Coach O

  14. Cheer AND weep! I'm a bit addicted myself. No Doritos for me - interferes with my Fresca intake.

    Glad I found you!


  15. Thank you everyone! I'll remember all your kind words at the intervention meeting...

  16. Wow! 250 posts? Impressive! I'm still working on my first 100.

  17. Thanks gals! I've already placed in my shipment for a motorized walker.

  18. happy 250th. you look great for 250!

  19. Lime: I still know how to strut it, even at 250! WHOOO!


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