Thursday, November 12, 2009

Terrible Twos

Is it actually November 12 already? Wow! Look how time flies. One minute this blog was a cutesy-wutsy little space newly born in the blogosphere. And now, it’s a disobedient, ornery thing I want to slap upside the head.

Happy Two-Year Blogoversary!

I would come up with something worthwhile to post. However, I sent my blog into the corner for a time-out after it gorged on a multitude of writing time I could have spent on other projects and then it had the nerve to upchuck on my brand-new WIP. BAD BLOG! BAD! Go to your room.

Oh, never mind. It is your two-year anniversary. You can celebrate today.

By the way, why is it an anniversary? Shouldn’t it be a birthday? I’m not married to this thing. We didn’t exchange any wedding vows. We didn’t go on any honeymoon together. In fact, this is the most lopsided relationship I’ve ever been in! He gets all the attention and I have to clean up after his fat ass by answering all his comments for him!

I want a divorce!

Er, yeah, I suppose he has given me the opportunity to expand on my writing skills. And yes, he has introduced me to a number of wonderful people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. We gave birth to my second blog that I neglect often (but don’t let Child Protective Services know this). Also, I can’t forget the fact he lets me do whatever I want no matter how nice or naughty it is. He doesn’t complain one bit if I feel like posting pictures like this . . .

you're such a dirty boy, aren't you? You can fix my ride anytime...

or this . . .

well, at least that side is clean...

or this . . .

have to keep the menfolk happy too!
(Personlly, I think they're fake.
I've never seen leather look like that before.)

And I get to rant and rave about sports on occasion - like hockey. My beloved Pittsburgh Penguins were at the top of the Eastern Division. Hopefully, they’ll get back into the winning pace. Unfortunately, I still have fears because . . .

Well, that’s not important. What’s important is that, today, my blog has reached two years. I wonder how many more years we will have in our relationship . . . BLOG! GET YOUR DAMN DIRTY FEET OFF MY MANUSCRIPT!


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  1. Totally funny. I enjoyed it completely.

  2. Well, Happy Anniversary or Happy Birthday or Happy Pants Because Of The Dirty Boy or Damn, That Is One Shocking Photo Of That Guy Poking His Finger Through His Eye And I Almost Fell Off My Chair When I Saw It, And...

    I had a point here, but I've apparently lost it. Well, anyway, I love you and wish you at least another 67 years of blogging.

    (Is that a good wish, or did I just curse you? I don't know. Oh, well. Whatever you want it to be, I'll pretend that's what it is.)

  3. Very cute.. probably the most creative Blogoversary post I've seen so far. And look at that little Blogoversary today icon at the top of the post. I've never noticed those before. Blogger, along with your readers must love you. Happy 2 years and many more.

  4. You've done it again in your inimitable way. You found a way to say what is probably on the minds of most bloggers at one point or another: what the *** did I get myself into? Just know that I'm grateful whenever you want to indulge your terrible-twos baby. He/she is wonderful.

  5. Anne: Thanks!

    Suldog: I know... that nose through eye guy was perfect today.

    67 years of blogging? But that would make me 101? Wow! You must like this place a lot! Thanks!

    Hilary: Thanks! I found the counter on one of my trollings through cyberspace.

    Judith: When this place isn't a pain, it is wonderfully relaxing. Other times not so. I guess that's the same with all of life's endeavors. Thanks!

  6. Happy blogiversary-birthingday.

    This was funny, so thanks for the laugh.

    Oh, and if you want to make the men-folk happy, remember that some of us like to live by Sir Mix-a-lot's motto:

    "I like big butts and I cannot lie..."

    After all, only dogs likes a bone and "silicon parts are made for toys". :)

  7. OMG - that finger thru nose/eye one is so gross but so danged funny!!!! laughing!

    (and thank you so much for the award from below Michelle - this made me smile, and feel warm, and loved and -- well, all that mooshy stuff -- HUG .....)

  8. That second pic is freaking me out!

    Happy blogoversary :)

  9. Well, HAPPY SECOND WHATEVER, friend, and many more...I think.

    Your blog analogy matches parenting baby to teenagers perfectly. :)

  10. Happy Bloggy Versry. Here's to many more!

  11. Thank you all! You are wonderful!

  12. Hey, sorry I'm late to the party (but hey, at least we're pretty sure it wasn't me who blew chunks on yer carpet, eh?). . .

    Happy Blogiversary! It's been a pleasure to add your blog to my roll.

    Keep it up, for as long as you can stand it. . . ;)

  13. Ah, congratulations! Sorry I am a bit late.;) I left my first comment on your place almost exactly a year ago.;)

  14. Desmond: Late is better than not showing up at all. Thanks!

    Protege: Fashionably late, but glad you came. Thank you! :-)

  15. Happy belated Blogoversary !! Looking forward to many more years of your stories.

  16. R&G: Thanks! I looking forward to many more too!


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