Friday, December 11, 2009


I’ve become lackadaisical when involving the blog world lately. I’ve been trying to come up with appropriate posts and visiting as many as my favorite sites as I can. But, as many of you already know, I’ve been working on a new project featuring my life: The Big “M.”

Rewriting is a drag.

See, technically, I have the Big “M” finished. Unfortunately, I wrote the whole entire plot in blog post format. I have little individual stories with no rhythm or rhyme or a basic time line to each other. In truth, I never really thought about writing “M” for general consumption. I wrote it to get all the bad juju out of my memories. Then I sent a piece to someone, they said I should create “M,” and here I am pursuing the novel writing challenge.

Did I already say rewriting is a drag?

Taking 126,000 words of memories and compacting them together to make a presentable 90,000word manuscript with a flowing creative plot is a challenge. I’ve been enjoying this so far until yesterday when I slammed face first into a mental brick wall.

What a drag!

The mental wall I am confronting deals with a certain life scenario I hadn’t actually wrote in-depth (post style) before because I had pushed these thoughts away in, well, disgust.

Ugh . . .

Basically I just want everyone to know that if you hear a high-pitched shriek waking you up in the middle in the night, it’s me. Also, the reason I’ve been lackadaisical in post reading deals with rewriting the Big “M” and trying to scale my mental walls. As for the recent spat of sane posts I’ve been making, yup, this it the reason too. Enjoy these posts while they last. Once the Big “M” is finished and all my walls are blown to Hades, the weirdness will return.

Aren’t you thrilled over this last part?


  1. Darlin', I have the utmost faith in your ability to complete whatever you set out to accomplish.

  2. Ah, good luck with the rewriting and the big "M" project.;) Have a great Friday as well.;)

  3. Good luck. I'm sure it'll turn out fabulous!

  4. The only way to eat that elephant is one bite at a time!

    I've missed you in my Blogland absence. :)

  5. Writing is re-writing, what a drag, uh?

  6. Keep on plugging. As Suldog said, you will get it done. Just keep your powder dry and the axe sharp.
    Coach O

  7. I know what you mean, girl. I'm revising a manuscript right now and drag is putting it mildly. It's sucking the ever-loving life out of me. Relax some this weekend ;-)

  8. Thanks for all your kind well wishes everyone! I'm putting on my hard hat, taking out a jack hammer, and getting 'er done!

  9. "I just want everyone to know that if you hear a high-pitched shriek waking you up in the middle in the night, it’s me."

    All the way out here in Oregon? Wow! I'll let the local news media know that it's you because they've been claiming that it was Bigfoot off yowling in the mountains somewhere west of Bend.

  10. Hey Michelle. How are you doing? Sorry, I've been absent lately from the blogosphere. But I wanted to make sure that I stopped by your place and wished a most wonderful holiday season and a great new year!

  11. good luck with the Big "M." can't wait to see it. what a challenge.

  12. Snowbrush: Big Foot ain't got nothing like my yowling. He's such an amatuer.

    Theresa: Hey! Thanks for the holiday wishes. Same to you.

    Chris: It's a challenge. But I'll complete it in time.

  13. how big IS the big MICHELLE, anyway? :)

    you know you can do it!


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