Monday, March 29, 2010

The Rumors of My Demise....

Yeah, I know. I haven’t posted anything new since Tuesday. And I had planned on posting the most stupendous, awesome, BLOG ENTRY ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH WHICH WOULD LIVE ON FOR ETERNITY (OR IS IT FOR INFAMY)?

Really, last night I sat on my bed with my netbook cradled on my lap. I had written two stories for someone else and was about to write an awesome story for the blog when suddenly...

“You F–ING, Motherhumping, son of a B—!”

Those kind words of praise and respect came from outside at 11pm. I rushed to the apartment window and stared down at the sidewalk.

The participants, or cast of characters, are as follows: A very large man(husband or boyfriend), a very large woman(wife or girlfriend), a very skinny man(stranger), and a dog off-leash (the only happy one there).

Oh, you might think you know what had transpired, but you would be dead wrong. Normally, I’m not one to engage in mindless gossip involving strangers. But they interrupted my writing a MOST STUPENDOUS, AWESOME, BLOG ENTRY!!!!!!!!!

This means they are free to become post fodder to fill up space.

Now I must admit that I came a bit late to the events and that the situation had happened somewhere else and migrated onto the street near my apartment. I can only give you the basic facts from what I saw later.

The skinny man was mighty upset, I suppose, at the dog who was busy eating something off the street, as he cussed and cursed and stormed around the corner with the dog chasing after wanting to down more grub in his hungry belly. The very large couple didn’t seem to care about the man or dog (which I assume the dog belonged to the woman who held a leash) since they were in the midst of their own argument.

“What you gonna all up and hit on ME? Well, go on? Do it! Go on and hit up on me. I’ll leave. That’s right. I’ll f—ing move out. You want that? You gonna hit on me and f—ing expect me to stay around paying your rent! Go on! Hit on me again. GO ON! HIT ON ME!”

Those words of love came from the very large man. Yup. Seems as if his very large wife/girlfriend is a bruiser, and by the looks of it I can believe it. She said nothing in response. Instead, the woman unlocked her car door and drove away.

Meanwhile, the dog ran around happy as a clam assaulting more people for food.

So, as you can see, I had some entertaining interruptions last night. This is the reason you won’t be seeing a MOST STUPENDOUS POST today. But I do promise you one thing...

... what happened last night gave me a great story idea.


  1. Amazing some lengths some folk will go to, just to keep romance alive, eh? Blimey, and how come I never get such rich fodder served up on a plate to me, outside of my living room window? Personally, I'd tell it from the dog's POV when you decide to write it up (but don't think that gets you off the hook for that brilliant, fantastic, witty, gifted post you had also previously planned to serve us up)! We're waiting, arms crossed, foot tapping..

  2. I can't wait to read it, Michelle.
    I know the wheels are turning!

  3. As long as the fabulous idea turns out to be something WE can feed on, we promise not to bite you. Oh, and hurry UP! :)
    Love, love.


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