Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Take a moment, sometime today, to set aside the hotdogs and potato salad, and give thanks to those soldiers who gave up their lives to keep us safe.

Then take another moment to thank those people in the armed forces today who continue to serve our country knowing the sacrifices they might have to make to continue to keep us safe.

It will only take two seconds of your life to remember and give thanks. That is not too big a sacrifice...


  1. Happy Memorial Day to you, too! I don't have anyone in my family that has served. So, I think of every soldier out there.

  2. Much love to you for this, Michelle. Our son Mac is serving in the Navy, completing his training to serve on a nuclear submarine. You might recall my post on the funeral of my father-in-law, who held the same rank during his WWII service that Mac hold now. Mac wore his uniform to the service and stood proudly with his dad, in respect of Pop's service. Thank you for reminding everyone what we're actually celebrating.

  3. And we DO have so much to be thankful for...grateful truly for all those men and women who have served or are serving! Thank you, dearest Michelle! You are a magnificent lady! ~Janine XO

  4. That's not too much to ask, in my opinion. Frankly, I think we should do that every day of the year because we all do owe a tremendous debt to those currently serving in the armed forces, to all who have served, came home in one piece or with severe injuries but especially, to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives. A debt no amount of money can ever repay.

  5. Happy Memorial Day to you Michelle. Wonderful post reminding us all to take a moment to remember what this holiday is truly about.


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