Friday, July 2, 2010

To Vlog or not to Vlog

I don't believe that's a question Shakespeare ever thought to ask. This little item in the photo is my video/tape recorder. I do have a web cam and internal mic on my laptop. But I bought this recorder for portability when dealing with certain circumstances concerning my living arrangements. It was a necessity buy, at least I told myself that when shelling out the moolah to the salesperson.

I have no regrets. I've gotten good use out of it for the past month and a half.

Anyway, I began thinking about what else I could use it for. Seems like a strange question, but I never felt the need to carry any type of photographic equipment around on a whim to do a little taping. Then I saw a person make a video blog, a "vlog," as it were. I don't get the complete gist of it, since basically it's no different than doing a YouTube video. Maybe I'm just missing something...

So, is this for me? What do you think? Have you ever wanted to do a vlog? Ever wanted to do a little video of yourself to show to the masses? What did you want to talk about in it? Was there a specific reason?


  1. Hey, dear Michelle...Do a vLOG only if YOU want to do it...I do them as a way to recycle old posts with a fresh twist! But they are a lot of work to do...easier to write a post, I think. Hope you have a happy 4th of July weekend! Love you! Janine XO

  2. Yeah, try a vlog! I'll watch it :)

  3. I vote NO. Forget the fun. Write. Think. Feel. Write.

  4. I'd love you to vlog, it's so cool to hear the voice and see the expressions of those we befriend in cyberspace, kind of makes them really "real", y'know? I posted ONE vlog, I just happend to have my video to hand when our car encountered black ice on the mountain road. I got out to capture hubby reversing off the clifftop - in case I needed to claim insurance on him (giggle). S'okay, he didn't go over in the end, but it made good viewing..

  5. I've seen a vlog of one of the bloggers I stalk once. Thought it was fun to actually see the person behind the blog. Wouldn't think about vlogging myself.
    So 'yes' to watch and 'no' to do. But that's just me.

  6. I've thought about it but I think it would be more a distraction from writing. I've got so many things up in the air at any time that I don't need to add another medium to mix. If this sounds like you, stay away. If you want to give it a shot, what's stopping you?


  7. I've done some book readings via utube and that's probably enough for me *laugh*

    DO IT!

  8. about a year and a half ago i offered up video snippets of me making donuts at 4am. it is best described as a horror film.

    i'd love to see what you do though!


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