Thursday, March 17, 2011

A song list, a liquor list, lots of spitting and a rhyme

Since I have a lot of things going on today, let's jump right into this post. I had planned on making this about an incident that happened awhile back, wanting to get people's thoughts about it. Then I had an idea about doing favorite songs/singers on my Pandora list. But then today is Saint' Patrick's Day, which means I have to trot out something in honor of MLGF, since he is part Irish.

So I decided to combine this post. It seems appropriate. Saint Patrick's Day means a grand celebration of drinking, listening to great music, eating good food, and enjoying people's company. I'm going one step forward and combining all the ideas into this one post. I'm writing about the music I listen to (and the Overlord Jaq's list) along with my favorite drinks (and Overlord Jaq's favorite drinks) and an Irish rhyme from last year in celebration of St. Patty's day (which is a true story - by the way).

Oh, yes, and a true story about spitting.

Let's first get to the St. Patty's day rhyme. This is actually a repost from last year, so a lot of you will recognize it, But I'm rather fond of my rhyme and it is about an actual St. Patrick's day event that happened to me last year. So enjoy!

Green eggs and beer.
Green beer and eggs.
We had them both by the kegs.
We gulped them down by the shore,
and when we ran out,
we asked for more.

The parade for Saint Patrick's Day,
our city held it last Saturday.
And although all the time it did so rain,
nobody dressed in clothes that were plain.

Green boas and hats and clover painted on cheeks,
nowhere in the city was the celebration bleak.
After the parade, the boozers headed for a place dry,
They walked across the bridge and railroad ties.

Straight into the building where I did work
into the bars at the sound of popping wine corks.
All the restaurants welcomed the soggy beggars.
On this one day, they served "Keggers and Eggers."

A beer and egg breakfast in the morning at ten.
The revelers believed they reached their true zen.
The police came out in force to watch the drinkers,
and by noon the booze left no more straight thinkers.

One coworker found his shoes puked on,
while I avoided a waltzing fellow during a song.
But the most drunk fellows had an industrious knack,
of fashioning themselves a beer "backpack."

They poured the liquor into the waterproof lining,
and drank it through a tube while seeking fine dining.
Hidden from the police officers' watchful eyes,
they could drink out in public without the lawmen's harsh cries.

After my shift, I headed out into the rain,
wanting to get home on the T - light rail train.
On board I was accosted by a man
who held a most interesting plan.

For a trade he wanted my umbrella in exchange for money,
so he could give it to his wet, drunk honey.
Since I had a coat on I shrugged and said, "Why not?"
And handed it over right there on the spot.

They disembarked and said, "thank you," at a wave,
while I headed toward the store called, Shur Save.
With the ten spot I bought pizza and chocolate milk,
since I had a craving for the ilk.

I went home to wonder about that Saturday,
wondering about the people on Saint Patrick's Day.
Green eggs and beer, green beer and eggs,
how many DID they have by the kegs?

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

(This was a true story.
The rhyme was inspired by Dr Seuss's
"Green Eggs and Ham")


Are you still here? Good! Now, let me regale you with a list of favorite songs from my Pandora list (and Overlord Jaq's list) from off my cell phone. If anyone has any ideas on some artists/albums I should add, give me a holler in the comment's section.

First, let me do Overlord Jaq's list (plus a cute photo of her in some knitted duds from her aunt Angie from Eat Here Eatery.

Here's her Pandora List:

James Brown
George Clinton/Funkadelic

My Pandora List (All hail the mighty PANDORA)

The White Stripes
The Clash
They Might Be Giants
Tenacious D
Johnny Cash
Tom Morello, The Nightwatchman
Pearl Jam
Peter Gabriel
The Cranberries
Temple of the Dog
System of a Down
Alice in Chains
Rage Against the Machine
Sarah McLachlan (hey, not all the artists have to be alternative/hard rock)
No Doubt
Dave Matthews Band
Blue October
30 Seconds to Mars
Linkin Park
The Police (stop gagging, Suldog!)
Bob Marley

Whew! That's some list! Okay, where are we with this post? Oh, right. Saint Patrick's Day and all those good things we do to celebrate it. I've already listed a hearty limmerick/rhyme and the music we listen to. Now, a list of our favorite liquors, because you know with "th' wearin' o' th' green" there must be booze involved. So my favorite drink of choice is Barcardi wine coolers and Arbor Mist. I used to be a big rum and coke drinker back in the day, when I was 12 years old. But I cut back when I turned 18.

No, I'm not joking with that last line.

Jaq's favorite liquor of choice: Good Start Baby Formula. She enjoys it chilled, shaken but not stirred and no ice.

No, I'm not joking about hers either.

And last but certainly not least (if you stuck around this long) I want to write a story about -- of all things -- spitting.

You see it happen a lot with the male species. A *hack* and then a *pah-tooie* on the sidewalk. But what about if you see a woman do it? I don't mean the clearing of the throat from the nasty mucus that perhaps she doesn't want to swallow. I'm talking about someone spitting at your feet to show her... well, I don't know in this case. I would say, disgust for the other person - except the other person involved would have been the nasty one - in my opinion.

Let me get to this true story. I happened to walk out of my apartment door and down the sidewalk. The purpose of this trip was to see if the mailman had been by while taking a gander at the neighbors' mailboxes to see if they had gotten their mail. While walking back, the downstairs tenants (yes, we all know THAT overdone story already, so no need to yawn about it anymore) stood in her entrance way. While holding baby/phone in arms, she maneuvered her hand to open the screen door, and she spit on the sidewalk at my feet.

I looked up at her. She closed the door. I walked away, grinning.

I didn't think anything of it. By this time, I knew those people were into their pathetic terrorizing for the showboating of it. They were being evicted, and they wanted to leave a lasting impression on everyone in the area about their presence there.

Perhaps it didn't go quite like they wanted. One day, while she was walking with friends around the corner, loudly being herself, two women looked at her and shook their heads. Then one of them pointed at me and made a spitting motion to indicate the other incident.

Later that day, she came sneaking back around the corner, hunched over while carrying the baby in the car seat, feet rushing for her apartment door in a furtive scurry.

What do you make of this? An ego that got away from her? Another desperate attempt for attention, even if it is negative? I would have walked right by her door without a second glance. She made herself known to me by spitting on the ground and hurrying to close her screen door in fear I would retaliate in some way.

Ideas? Notions? Or perhaps simply a story with no point, an overdone drama quickly worth chuckling over and then forgotten?

Anyway, this was my hodgepodge of posts for Saint Patrick's day. Some drinking. Some music. Some storytelling. Have yourselves a Guinness and paint yourselves green!


  1. Well, the interpretation of the spitting incident may balance on whether she was spitting green beer...

    Happy St. Patrick's day to you and your Overlord! (I wouldn't recommend green baby formula.)

  2. Roxanne!

    Yup. *Gag* How did you know?

    Anyway, MDGF (which today stands for My Darker GREEN Friend) I thank you for the shout-out, and I hope you don't get your drinks and Overlord's mixed up.

  3. Sorry; I was out of town last week. . .

    Cute story of St Paddy's. . .

    My 'Pandora List' would be mostly stuff from the 60s/early 70s (including anything associated with Paul McCartney, except 'Wonderful Christmastime'); I don't know if I'm up for exposing myself to that kind of ridicule. . . ;)

    And at this point, I think we can all agree that yer erstwhile neighbors are jackasses, and leave it at that. . .

  4. Beer. Green or not.

    I would drink it in a house.
    I would drink it with a mouse.
    I would drink it with a fox.
    I would drink it in a box.

    I think you see where I'm going with this.

  5. i gotta say overlord jaq has good taste musically. i'll pass on her drink of choice though but stand with you regarding the police.

    as for the spitting...who can understand the mind of such a set of craziness as was perpetuated by those neigbors?

  6. Oh my! The Queen Mum has been a busy busy lady. :)


  7. Back from a long wonderful weekend of music and food and friends and (I am not making this up) magic, and delighted to find Ov.J.'s list (which I love) AND a rich abundance of some of EVERYthing from WRITER, you. Love to you and Ov.J, wrapped in pink yarn, from her
    Aunt Angie at Eat Here :)


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