Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to know when your new apartment has truly become a home?

When the Overlord has used up every single fridge magnet to display a photo of herself...


  1. It be that way. . .

    That little girl is remarkably capable! . . .


  2. She'll be driving by the end of the month...

  3. You mean she isn't already?
    Diving, I mean.

  4. I guess there's no self-esteem issues:)

  5. You'll have to get a bigger fridge. Pretty soon she's going to be playing baseball or doing gymnastics or playing in piano recitals or SOMEthing, and that frige will be too small to hold all the magnets. When she gets the keys, we have a totally different conversation. Lots of love (been missing you and T.O.!)

  6. A home is never truly a home until something gets hung on the fridge. Congrats on being home!

  7. If you move the fridge to the middle of the room you can put more pictures on it.

  8. Woohoo, way to go Overlord. Make sure you keep that SW in check!

    Now SW, get your booty down to the store to pick up some spiced milk and mashed carrots :)

  9. IT: No she doesn't dive, or drive, yet. At least... I hope not since I don't particularly own a car. And I better not EVER have police knocking at me door.

    Knucklehead: But... that means I'll have to buy more refrigerators...

    Hanny: Her? Nope, no self-esteem issues. She wants every angle possible.

    Angie: I could add sheet metal to the walls and ceiling. That would add more room for the magnets.

    Suldog: True, so long as it's a good thing hung to a fridge. I have the feeling I'll find peanut butter and jelly fingerprints on it soon enough.

    Uncle Skip: True, but I'll be tripping over the ice cubes.

    Eric: Spiced milk and mashed carrots? Not yet, not yet. She's still working on the fried chicken caramel corn ;)

  10. Wow... did Jaq put those on the fridge herself? Girl's got talent!


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