Monday, April 11, 2011

Pad Thai

Okay, this post doesn't quite talk about Thai food, at least not in the way you would think. Let me start at the beginning...

Once there was a girl who needed to move to the big city to be closer to the credit agency job she just acquired. This was an immediate move, so she picked the closest (cheapest) place she could find and signed the lease on January 15, 2010. The above photo was taken in February after a large snow storm that almost had her stranded in the downtown Pittsburgh area. Anyway, she discovered numerous leaks in the apartment (along with bad wiring-- or no wiring at all. I had to use a standing lamp just to have lights in the bathroom because the switch didn't work.)

She vowed to move once her lease was up. Then moving took a backseat to other things in her life. These were negative aspects that I've talked about so often that it's starting to feel cliched. Go back through my archives and type in the words "downstairs tenants." You'll find out the whole story.

Anyway, the building ended up being sold to the people who own the Thai restaurant in the building in front of my apartment. This meant my lease with the old landlord was officially over. I had the option to move, but decided to stay because the Thai restaurant owners are nice people. But then I discovered they bought the building to turn it into part of their business.

So what did this mean? I meant that I had six weeks before my apartment would be turned into part of the Thai restaurant and be overcome by the wok greasy fumes. The people owning the Thai restaurant were kind enough to not only give me time to look for a place before construction started in May (since they could have kicked me out right on the spot) but also give me back my full security deposit without looking at the apartment and charging me up the wazoo for any damages or rug stains. That same day they told me I would have to leave, I started looking for a new place. Two weeks later, I found something.

The apartment was about two blocks away from my old place. So it was still in the neighborhood where I felt safe and familiar with.

The place was in my general price range. It was right across from a park. And it was a secure building.

I signed the lease last Wednesday and started moving in up to the BIG MOVE on Saturday where I had a truck. We moved stuff, in truck and on foot (me) until we got everything in.

So me and Overlord Jaq are in a nice, secure building -- all new appliances, all electric appliances including the heat, and air conditioned.

My feet are KILLING ME! But I'm happy. I've met a few of the neighbors already, and they've all been nice. A big plus sign from my old place.

WOOHOO! So I'm still close enough to the restaurant to order the Pad Thai, as the Thai got my old pad, and I moved into my new pad.


  1. Looks nice!

    Mmmmmmmmm. Pad Thai...

  2. The Thai got yer pad? So sad. . .

    Yeesh; no sooner are you done with the neighbors from Hell, than you have a baby girl (delightful, to be sure, but a draw on the ol' resources nonetheless), and then get an eviction notice?

    Deep breaths, Michelle. . .

  3. Suldog: Yes, I'm getting hungry too!

    Craig: I really don't look at it as and eviction because I had an option to continue a lease with my old landlord at a different place. I just didn't want to do that. It all worked out in the end though, and I got a totally awesome place where I don't have to hear the rain leaking through the roof onto the ceiling tile.

  4. Ah.... when one door closes, another opens.
    Sometimes we say, "This, too, shall pass."
    So happy you found a new place you're happy with.

  5. sounds like the new place should be quite comfortable for you and the overlord. glad to hear it. you deserve a bit of peace and quiet in your living situation. so long thai pad, hello pad thai.

  6. Nice move! Good to hear that you have found a place where you are safe and snug.

  7. Certainly an upgrade. Watch those electric bills in winter. Congratulations.

  8. I am so glad you were able to move to a nicer place. I was pretty worried about you in the old place, with all the old problems (and crazy neighbors). It sounds like life is looking up for you and the oppressive Overlord LOL.

  9. Congrats on the move, and Good Luck in your new home!

  10. The place looks great, Michelle! I hope Overlord Jaq approves!


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