Monday, November 28, 2011

The Overlord's First Thanksgiving

Walking into my sister's apartment, the Overlord's grip tightened with wide eyes. The table was set with place settings, and an old black and white movie was on the television (I believe it was the classic "A Miracle of 34th Street"). The Overlord stared at the tiny, papillion/chihuahua dog that laid its ears back in shyness and scurried into the kitchen.

I took her over to the couch. She sat there quietly, staring at the four legs with fur coming bounding over. A cat. A real cat. Something more than the 2 stuff animals the Overlord has as she nibbles on the tails. This very friendly cat moved in close, giving the Overlord sniffing kisses on the cheek and ear. The cat then laid beside my leg, purring and rolling onto her back.

I rubbed the cat. When the Overlord built up the courage, she reached over and yanked out a fistful of fur. The cat jumped up, startled, but still stayed close as I showed the Overlord the proper way in stroking the fur.

Dinner was served at 2:00. I sat down with the Overlord beginning to make her cooing noises for something to eat. She ate turkey, stuffing and a bit of potatoes au gratin. After she had nibbles of all, she settled back against me and joined into the conversation with her aunt and cousin, her "da-da-ga-da-ga"  filling the apartment air.

After dinner, we settled down on the couch to watch a little tv. The Overlord placed her head against my cheek, closed her eyes and fell asleep. She woke up briefly when I placed her into the car seat as we left my sister's place. We briefly visited another friend's house, where we had a bit of ice cream before walking home for the evening.

And this were the events of the Overlord's first Thanksgiving.


  1. Watching the little ones experiencing things for the first time. . . just never gets old. . .

  2. She was extra good, considering I was a little worried over how she would interact with the pets.

  3. Jacquie is beautiful, Michelle.
    May her Christmas be equally as wonderful!!!

  4. What a great memory! I love it when the kids fall asleep on me.

  5. Jackie: Thanks!

    Vicki: The best moments are when they fall asleep in arms. They look so peaceful without a worry in the world.

  6. There's nothing quite like the first encounter with a real live animal. The child may forget it, but most of the animal's won't :-)

  7. oh my goodness, she has gotten so big and soooo cute! sounds like the day went pretty well and nice that the cat was tolerant while the overlord learned to be gentle.

  8. She's way too cute. You know she's got Thanksgiving in hand when she learns about putting olives on the ends of all her fingers.

  9. I tried replying to this post from my tablet, but I guess it didn't take. Anyway, it looks like the Overlord had a great time...and so did you. I'm so glad things worked out that way for both of you. Congratulations on a spectacular First Thanksgiving.


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