Monday, June 3, 2013

The Game Is On!

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

The Stanley Cup finals are underway, as the Pittsburgh Penguins play against the Boston Bruins to play in the finals against either the Kings or the Blackhawks in the Western Conference.

As usual, I've been watching the game, working and taking care of The Overlord. So I haven't had much time to update the old blog. But I wanted to stop in and tell you about a little something happening between me and another blogger.

I made a bet with my friend Jim that the Pens would beat the Bruins during this series. He, of course living in Boston, has bet against the Pens. As is usual with the sports world, a little friendly wager was initiated. The rules: whoever loses must make a post about the other team as they give abundant amounts of praise and kudos and general good feelings about the winner's city and hockey team. 

No problem. The Penguins will win. I hope. Or I'll be talking about some bears that need a bit of stuffing around their loose taxidermy stitching like this guy obviously needs.

If the Penguins do win the game, then the bet continues with Chris Mauger if his L.A. Kings beats the Blackhawks. Unfortunately, I take it none of us knows any Blackhawks fans, so I'm hoping Chris wins just for the sake of the bet.
Stay tuned for my post about the Bruins if they win. The team is already up 1-0. Hopefully, the Pens will stop the hemorrhaging early and take the lead.


  1. You're a good sport, but I knew that going in. If you hadn't been, I wouldn't be betting with you. Should be a good game tonight!

    1. Hopefully the Pens will make it worthwhile, shake off some of the dust, and make a rush for the goal this time around.

  2. Hah, this makes me wish I liked Hockey...

  3. It is really nice of you to rent a costume and dance for Sully.

    1. Not a chance! I'm allergic to bear.

  4. I'm torn. I grew up, for most of my childhood, in the Pittsburgh area. When I was 15, we moved to Boston. Now I live down the street from Suldog. So I'm torn between "Do I have to pick one team to root for?" and "I think I can be happy no matter who wins." And maybe "I hope you don't hate me for feeling torn."

    A similar thing happens whenever the Patriots play the Steelers.


  5. I think you can be forgiven by being torn. If I were in your shoes, I'd root for the team that was winning. If the other team makes a comeback, I'd just switch over, saying in my heart that was the team I was rooting for all along.


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