Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ode To A Boston Bear


So the Boston Bruins defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins in a huge sweep as they move forward to play the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals. They will have to put up as many amazing tricks as the bear above to win the series, and I'm hoping it does happen because I can't think of a more deserving sports team (besides the Penguins) who should win. According to the bet I made with Jim Sullivan, I now must do an homage to the Bruins Hockey franchise and the city of Boston. Here is my homage to these bears.

Ode to a Boston Bear

Settled in 1630,
Puritans swam across the sea.
They came upon a land all pur'ty,
as they said, "A colony shall be started here be we."

They named the city Trimountaine
But thought it was too long of a name.
Dumping British tea into the harbor after cleaning and dustin'
They decided to come up with the name of Boston

The Boston Bruins came to be in 1962.
Hockey in a city so cold, why aren't their blue?
The third oldest team in the NHL as one of the Original Six.
You should see these bears hit the ice, swinging those hockey sticks.

They skate, they lunge, they block as the black puck hits the net.
Is there a team that can stop these bears? That's a sucker bet!
Shall they win the cup this year? We shall have to wait and see.
It will be a grand sight to see the bears lifting The Cup while drinking Boston tea.


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