Sunday, March 9, 2014

Olympic Skaters In Costume

Last Thursday the Overlord and I had the opportunity to watch Olympic and world class skaters show their mettle on the ice at the Consol Energy Center. They twirled. They did backflips. And they wore colorful costumes that even kids enjoyed.

If you are wondering what the heck that is, it is the gray whale Monstro from the Disney film, "Pinocchio." It had just eaten Geppetto and Pinocchio who were being chased around the ice rink. Before that, we saw a happy little dance of puppet skaters make their way around the rink and the blue fairy skate as if she were flying in the air. 

Yes, that is a castle in this picture. It is supposed to represent the large castles found in a southern state plagued with hurricanes as people spend charge large amounts of cash to see an overly sized mouse in red pants. In other words, it is supposed to represent Disneyland/world.

 The Overlord and I went to see Disney On Ice. It was a hard decision to even go there. The tickets cost about as much as going to Florida to see the real thing. If a person wanted to sit in the bottom section there, they had to fork over $70-$100 dollars a ticket. Even the nosebleed section weren't cheap as those seats cost $26. And that doesn't even include all the fees and taxes they piled on.

 I was sent the first email about the show for the ticket presale several weeks ago. Even at a 10% discount, I wasn't interested because the Overlord hasn't been interested about any Disney characters although she has seen a few of the movies. Then I was sent another email about tickets and I dumped it without even reading the message. The third email about 50% off tickets is what caught my attention. They were for the cheap seats in the nosebleed section on the third tier of the Consol Energy Center Arena. I bought two tickets.

I also noticed that the people who did buy the expensive front seats all had kids dressed up as Disney characters. There were dozens of princesses and superheroes down there occasionally shaking hands with the skaters who came nearby.

I must say the first hour was very entertaining. All the kids were quiet and still in their seats. After the intermission, they started the 2nd hour of the show which I liked. But by this time, most of the kids around the arena were restless and shifting about and wanted to do something besides sit there in their seats. I don't have any photos to show of the ice skaters themselves because they are blurry and bright. The spotlight reflecting off the ice distorts the image. The only way to really show the characters skating to you is through a video, which I do have but it takes so long for Blogger to load video and I don't feel like uploading a 3-minute video for 3 hours.

So that was our adventure to Disney On Ice. If you are a person who loves the classic Disney movies (Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast) then you and the kids will enjoy the show. But if you are looking for the newer movies such as Tangled, Frozen or Wall-E, you may be a bit disappointed. They don't have those characters. They have all the Disney princesses and segments dedicated to Mulan as well as The Lion King. But the newest characters they have in the show are Stitch from Lilo & Stitch and The Incredibles. The show does sometimes feel dated with Pinocchio and Sleeping Beauty characters.

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  1. It's nice that you took her to a fun show like that. We've taken nieces to a couple of ice shows and it was a decent time - more so for them, but not too bad for the adults. The big memory is of my niece, Alyssa (now 20-something), yelling heartbroken "Come back, Grover!" at Sesame Street On Ice.


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