Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Sandy Day

Give a child a grain of sand, and they will joyously toss it around until it gets into their eyes. Give a child a bucket of sand, and they will throw tantrums and scream their heart out if you try to take it away from them.

Yes, I just made that up. But it does illustrate that children love to play with sand even if they aren't at the beach. The Overlord had the opportunity to play with sand today at the EQT Regatta at Point State Park.

Okay, so that isn't sand. This is a picture of the geese and ducks along the river waiting for someone to toss a spare piece of bread or crackers out to them. It does show that we were right down by the water.


And this picture shows The Gateway Clipper boat making its way up the water. I've been on those boats several times and it is a very relaxing way to take a boat ride.

Finally! The Overlord playing in the sand. She had a ball, but it was HOT. It was suppose to be partly cloudy with a chance of rain. The rain never came and the clouds didn't show up until we were about to leave. Also, the wind showed up. If you have ever been by the river or sandy beach when the wind shows up, it is very strong with no trees, buildings or bushes to block its path. And it picked up the sand  like it was... uh... sand to blow it into our eyes.

While the sand on the beach wasn't wet/compacted enough to make into grand masterpieces, The Overlord still had fun. She also threw a tantrum as we were about to leave. But kids will be kids. And we did leave some of The Overlord's masterpieces by the river.

 Okay, I would like to claim The Overlord made this with the bucket and shovel. But no. This was made by Colcom as it is the reenactment of the Battle of Fort McHenry. If that doesn't sound familiar, start singing the Star-Spangled Banner. This sand sculpture was based on that poem that is now our national anthem.

 It took three photos just to capture the entire sand sculpture and I still didn't get the whole thing in. This sculpture is HUGE! Those people in the sculpture are almost life-size that you could grab one of their rifles and drag the injured soldiers away.

And so this captures our trip to the EQT Regatta. Sandy fun.


  1. I was sure the Overlord was gonna dump the bucket of sand on her head.

    Why do little kids do that?

    1. No, luckily that thought never crossed her mind. She was more interested in helping the other kids build their sand castles, kicking sand and tossing it into the air.

      I think they forget that sand isn't like water when they tip buckets if it on their heads.

  2. Fun! The sand sculpture is amazing!

  3. I used to love playing in the sand. It didn't matter where it was - beach, sandbox, in the street gutter left over from public works sanding the streets during a winter snowstorm. If I didn't think the folks with the white jackets that strap in the back would cart me away, I'd take a bucket on the subway right now, head to Revere Beach, and just make child-like sand castles all day.

    Screw them. Maybe I will anyway!

    No, I won't. Maybe.

    1. Living inland never really afforded the opportunity to play in the sand unless the parents went out and bought it to place in the sandboxes. This was the first time I ever made a sandcastle, and it was great that I could build it with the Overlord.


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