Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Happenings Around And About

I haven't posted here since December. That's quite a bit of time. Yet there were many things happening during those months that have kept me away. Doctor's appointments... apartment searches... pony rides....

Let's do a recap post to get this blog up to it's present state.

Spring has sprung and with it many changes, although other things have stayed the same. The Overlord is still her rambunctious self and celebrated a birthday during the intervening months. To do something a bit different, we had a cupcake birthday.

We have also enjoyed several different events throughout the year. The Carneige Museum of Natural History hosted plenty of "free" days. So we were able to visit the dinosaurs and go on a dinosaur dig.

We also had a chance to see Sesame Street Live where Big Bird, Cookie Monster and Grover took the stage. I have to admit that it was Count von Count that took the show and rocked the house with his dance number.

In addition to this show, we also had the chance to go to the Shrine Circus again. The tickets I had originally purchased had to be exchanged at the box office because the show organizers eliminated them. But the new seats allowed us to see all the action. And The Overlord had a chance to go on a pony ride.

Lastly, we moved to a different apartment. Technically, it is only a street over from where we used to live. But the rent was getting a bit too high at our previous spot. One of the perks is that we have a porch, as the Overlord sometimes spends her mornings taking photos of the morning birds having their breakfast.

Now if I could just get her to eat her own, I (and probably the disturbed birds) would be happy.

And that is about it for what has happened during the past few months. Tons of places to visit, work to do, and moving boxes to unpack (had a great set of movers from Steel City Movers -- thanks guys!)


  1. I love that the museum had events for kids.

    For someone so young, she really seems to enjoy taking pictures. Does she carry her camera with her a lot?

    1. She loves taking pictures and being in pictures! ;)

      She doesn't really carry one around with her. She is just too frenetic and is bouncing around. One of her learning toys has a camera feature. And she will instantly grab my phone to take a shot too.

  2. She has grown so much, and I am happy to read of all the wonderful events that the two if you have enjoyed together. Thank you for sharing them with me here on your blog.
    Sending you and your princess a hug from Jackie.


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