Monday, June 23, 2008

6 unimportant things

Well, this was the first time I ever heard of a "stealth tag." But I got involved in one unknowingly, and just when I thought I only had to worry about Big Brother tapping the phone lines and setting up video cameras in the walls. My warning: THEY ARE WATCHING YOU, AND THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!

Okay, so I got "stealth tagged " by Sandra Ree over at Bubble Babble. You should check out her blog sometime. It’s good stuff. What I understand of this tag is that you post 6 unimportant things about yourself. Here are the exact rules - I love copy paste!

The rules for this game are to link back to the person who tagged you, include the rules in your post, write six unimportant things about yourself then tag six other people at the end of your entry. The next 6 people who visit this blog...consider yourself tagged! Play along if you will. Let me know in the comments that you are playing and I will link to you! But at the very least…play Queen for the day.

I think I will follow in Sandra's footsteps. This is what she wrote.

I think I’ll break this rule….do what ya wanna when ya wanna how ya wanna (believe it or not, that was an old cheer of ours in the 8th grade) If you do wanna, let me know in the comments that you are playing, and I will link to you.

So, the first 6 people who come a-calling here are tagged if they are willing to play along -Lurkers Unite! This is your time to shine! Ahem, what was I saying? Oh, yeah. You don’t have to play along if you don’t feel like it. But if you do, let the other person know that you’ve accepted the tag and post their link. Also, I'm not gender biased. So I will say, "At the very Queen and King for the day."

6 unimportant things about me.

1. I am part mute. Seriously. I rarely talk aloud unless someone is talking to me or it is necessary. You should hear me over the phone. HA! I made a funny. No, really, it is a super-boring conversation.

Caller: "So, how are you doing?"
Me: "Fine."
Silence stretches for about three minutes.
Caller: "What’s going on in your neck of the woods?"
Me: "Uh . . . I’m doing fine."
Silence stretches for ten minutes.
Me: "How’s your life?"
Caller: "Well, so-and-so did something to what’s-his-name, and they had this HUGE argument . . . blah, blah, yada, yada." *this goes on for the next hour, without interruption* "Oh, will you look at the time! I have to go pick up Sally from wrestling practice. I’ll talk to you later."
Me: "Fine."

2. I am part Native American. My great-great grandmother was a full-bloodied Cherokee (I think) Indian and she, uh, got around - as in promiscuous. I probably have relatives I don’t know about. Say! WE could be related . . .

3. I love learning about foreign cultures. I try to keep an open mind that we all are not so different from everybody else. Perhaps, even related . . .

4. Although I can listen to all types of music, I love Alternative Rock! Tool. Nine Inch Nails. Pearl Jam. Those are good listens to me. What? I’m not supposed to like this type of music? I’m only suppose to listen to Rap? Why? You mean . . . I’m Black!!!

*I look down at my skin color*

No, I’m not. I’m deep mocha latte with a pinch of sugar . . .

5. I am an extreme introvert. I prefer to be by myself then around other people. Wait! I meant I don’t like meeting people in person. I enjoy this blog company immensely. Virtual company without cooking and buying drinks. Very relaxing.

Okay, I got to go. I just find out today that my mom is in the hospital. How did I find out? I overheard a phone conversation between my dad and the travel agency because my parents are taking a cruise somewhere. How is she? I do not know. He left before saying anything. I guess I will just head back home since I got no details of which hospital she is at or how she is doing.

My family can be so strange sometimes . . ."


  1. I make my living (partially) by supplying my voice for telephone applications, but I absolutely hate having to be on the thing in my personal time. I rarely answer it, preferring to let calls go to my answering machine.

  2. YES!!!! Telephone Haters Unite!!!

    I can't stand using the phone because it makes my voice sound 20 decibels higher. People think they are talking to a 4-year-old.

  3. First, I hope your mom is all right. Please let us know when you find out, Mlh.

    You're part mute, huh? We would have you in stitches over here, we love to tease (in a good way) especially if you think you're having a hard time with something.

    And yes, we just might be related Mlh! My great-great grandmother was a full blooded Indian, I've got the picture to show it. I'll have to post it sometime. That's my dad's side, my mom is French. So I guess that makes me a French Indian!

    Great tag answers Mlh, thanks for playing! You're always a good sport and never fail to deliver the interesting stuff! :)

  4. Latest Update: My mom is staying overnight. The doctors plan on doing some tests. She called and told me, finally!


    I bet I would have a ball at your place! You are so good-natured! I love a tease so long as it's done in fun. It doesn't take a lot to put me in stitches - just please, put down the baseball bat.

    Hooray! I have a French Indian relative! Another person I have to place on my gift-giving list!


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