Sunday, June 22, 2008

Photag Day: Revisited

Okay . . . okay. I realized I must have been such a tease last Sunday when I posted those other photos. There I was, claiming to show you a picture of me only to put the Chinese fan in front of my face. I was so naughty! Well, I had a stern talking to . . . myself and we both, er, I agreed to post another mug shot for you to see. Well, here it is.

Hee-hee! I am so silly sometimes. Wait! Don’t click the little red box with the X that closes the window! All right. I’ll be good. I promise. No Doritos or Dr. Pepper for me today. I will show you a photo. *tee-hee* What? No, that wasn’t a chuckle. I, uh, sneezed. Yeah, that’s a good excuse. A sneeze.

Well, here is *tee-hee . . . achoo* my picture.

What? You didn’t say it had to be a picture of how I look right now. Besides, I have a funny, meaning surly, story to tell about it. Listen up. Obviously, this is not the whole picture. I did a little (lot) of cropping to just get my face because, ahem, the place where the photo was taken is the . . . throne room.

Huh? You know the THRONE ROOM. You have one in your own house. Sometimes it can be called a library except you can also take showers there. Ahhhh. Now you get it. The THRONE ROOM. And I was doing my courtly duties. Then my siblings got the bright idea to throw open the royal door and take a picture of me. Since there was not much I could do about it, I gave them a big smile.

I suppose I could have given them a different smile considering where I was. Yet that would have been too naughty.


  1. Look at how cute you are! We all have those "throne room" pictures :)... just be thankful that it wasn't a video that was being shot, it could have landed on America's Funniest Videos! lol

  2. Cute? I was stylish with those big alien eyeglasses on! LOL!!!

    We didn't own a video camera back then, so I was lucky on all counts!

  3. Adorable...big glasses and all!

  4. Brenda,

    Those specs were even tinted! I was so way ahead of the times. Unfortunately, those big pigtails had to go! Kids in elementary school would pull on them during the bus ride home. I had such terrible headaches. Then, one day, I got into a fight over it.

    But...that is another story...

  5. I love it! And what's funny is that my dad caught me in a photo like that--but I have a very different expression on my face. (And expression worthy of any tabloid I would say.)

  6. Natalie,

    Hey! You didn't say what your expression was? Now look at who is being the tease? LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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