Thursday, July 31, 2008

I am a meaner-meaner!

Wow! When did this happen?

Well, this happened Monday morning . . . early Monday morning. I was not even out of bed yet. And, all of a sudden, I found myself inaugurated into the Meaner-Meaner Club. Huh?

I never thought of myself as a mean person. I do not take or do things that would make me mean. I am not a habitual drinker and the last time alcohol passed by my lips was at a wedding back in July - 2007. I consider myself peppy enough that I do not need caffeine or nicotine to get me through the day, so drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes are not in my daily regimen (especially the smoking part since I have asthma.) This means that I do not suffer from any anxiousness or bad temper from caffeine/nicotine deficiency. I do not take drugs, prescription or otherwise, despite how zany my posts are on this blog. In fact, I hate taking aspirin for a headache. But I guess I lucked out on that part because I might get a headache once every few years.

Then how did I get to be called a meaner? Let me tell you about it.

I was laying in bed, sort of awake, when I heard the front door open. The people who were downstairs had a key, and they were there for only a few seconds to get something before leaving. They were up really early (these are crack of dawn people) and they knew I was not going to be up at that time to greet them - I was not even sure on WHICH day they were going to stop by. I had a lot of work to do - about 150 birthday invitations to make for one client and also samples of a custom-made invitation for a wedding anniversary scheduled in September. My mind was still off in never-never land when these people showed up.

Well, they were in the house for about five seconds. I was still getting on my shirt when a voice called upstairs. "We’re leaving now!"

Then I gave a response . . . an innocent response, in my book. Yet I guess THEY did not believe so. I heard the front door close as I rushed into the next room and over to the open window. I had a fan sitting on the sill as I was about to take it out when I heard the following comments drift upward from them.

"Did you hear what she said to me? She is getting meaner and meaner every day!"

My jaw dropped open. Flabbergasted, completely flabbergasted! I could not fathom why they said it, and for the rest of the day I was in a very sad mood on why people would consider me so mean. So if I visited your blog on Monday and left a comment that was lacking my usual jovial commentary, this was the reason and I do apologize. For most of the day I was down, and it was not until I woke up on Tuesday that I realized WHY they had said such a statement.

I had refused to join in on their fun last week.

That's right. I had refused. If you are wondering what fun they were engaged in, it was a dis-bash! Yes, it was a bad-mouthing session concerning some relatives. This is an activity these people enjoy immensely, and I just cannot do it. I cannot. I do not bad-mouth anyone. I feel that it is too much wasted time and energy to say rude things about people. I have better things to do with my time. So whenever one of these gossip meetings takes place, I will usually leave the room. If I can’t leave, then I just nod my head and say nothing. I will put my mute button on and act as a wall flower.

Maybe this was the reason. They had officially dubbed me a "Meaner-Meaner," because I could not make myself say rude things about people.

I guess I will just have to live with my mean self. Hmm? You want to know what I said when they were leaving the house? Well, what I said was---- wait.

Why don’t we make this into a little game? I will give you a list of 20 words/phrases, and you guess at which one I said. You can leave a comment for me with your answer. You can have up to two guesses, so choose wisely. Take your time. I will give the answer in the comment’s section on Saturday sometime after 10am Eastern Standard Time (USA, in case I have any readers overseas.) I am not offering any prize, except the knowledge of being associated with this mean person and a philosophical perspective on how we interpret a person’s mood by their words, tone of their voice, or even silence.

Here is the list:

1: Yes.
2: No.
3: Wait!
4: Sure.
5: Uh huh.
6: No problem!
7: Um . . .
8: Okey-dokey!
9: You’re kidding?
10: No way!
11: Yeah.
12: Okay.
13: Yuck!
14: Egad!
15: Cool!
16: Good grief!
17: Straight cold chillin’.
18: Score!
19: Right.
20: See ya!

There you go! The 20 phrases/words. Can you guess which one I said that made me join the Meaner-Meaner Club?


  1. "See ya" gets my vote; it sounds most like you. And if I'm wrong, well, what should I expect from a meaner-meaner?

  2. And the contest has started with Stephen in the lead. But is he right? Is he wrong? Will someone else challenge him? Am I just acting silly?

    Who knows? Well, I do. But everyone else will have to wait for my answer on Saturday.

  3. I'm going to take #'s 6 and 15 as my guesses, although I can't imagine any of those things getting someone pissed at you. Well, except "Yuck!", but you'd have to substitute a different letter for the "Y" and add a "you" to the end.

  4. I couldn't see you being mean to anyone, Michelle! And I'm with you on this bad-mouthing session concerning relatives, I wouldn't have stuck around either.

    I'd have to say #8 Okey-dokey or #20 See ya! I know that those responses sometimes can be taken the wrong way. I know, I use them all the time. #12 Okay...also.

    And don't let anyone like that get you that down again, it's not EVEN worth spending all that energy on that type of people!

  5. And here comes Suldog and Sandra in the race, pushing in for position! Oh! This is going to be a tight contest!

    "Yuck?" Substitute a different letter for the "Y" and add a "You" at the end. Hmm? "Buck you?" "Duck you?" "F - Hey!" Naughty you, Suldog.

    I know I shouldn't have gotten down about it...especially with these types of people who feel better about themselves by being rude to others. But still...I guess I'm just too sensitive within my stoic shell.

  6. "Sure" got my vote... because it sounds most like a rolling over in bed response.

    I would've said suldog's edited "Yuck!" It being first thing in the morning and having difficulty saying "Yuck" properly.

  7. And out of nowhere comes Chris Stone tackling Suldog for his edited "Yuck" and sliding in "Sure!" This allows Sandra to gain some distance, yet Stephen still has his early lead with having first post position.

    There they come around the bend! Stephen out in front but Sandra gaining. Suldog has pulled himself away from Chris and is now catching up with the leaders. But don't count Chris out! There is still time to make a comeback and who knows what other person will join the race!

    Stay tuned, folks! It's quite a show!


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