Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Results of the First Ever (and hopefully we will not do this again EVER) Meaner-Meaner Contest!

*audience clapping*

Thank you, everyone! I have decided to write a post concerning the winners instead of just leaving an answer in the comment’s section. This will allow me to drop links to your blogs (more practice for me with this newfangled link-post-blog-option-thing-whatever) as well as drop a few tidbits of useless information about me. Onward with the post!

What was it that Michelle said? Why did someone say that she is getting meaner and meaner every day? Here are the contest results:

Stephen - You guessed "See ya!" Huh? Close but no cigar, my friend. I have typed this phrase often in posts and emails, but I have never said it to end any verbal conversation. Ever. Hmm, strange. I wonder why I don’t say it aloud?

Chris - You guessed "Sure." Oh, so close! Sure, I do say this on occasion. But surely I did not say "Sure" that morning because I was sure it would end up being a slur, which would have made me cuss out at myself and created an even worse situation, sure’nuff.

Suldog - You guessed "Cool" and "No Problem," and a special edited "Yuck you!" Although I am only allowing two guesses, I will give a thumb’s up on the last one. A mean person would have shouted this out that window after hearing someone call them a "meaner-meaner." You definitely get bonus points. Unfortunately, all three guesses are wrong.

Sandra - You guessed "See ya," which I already talked about with Stephen, and "Okey-dokey!" Here comes another useless tidbit of information. Normally, I am not a slang person unless it involves writing it out. I don’t walk down the street saying, "Yo, bro! Whatcha dropping your eyes fer? Don’t be checking out my junk in the trunk unless you want two metal balls pumped into the back of your skull, dumb ****!" Yeah, I would have no problem writing this in a story, but not saying it aloud. Since "Okey-dokey" is the slang term for "Okay," then it shouldn’t be something that I would normally say aloud.

However, I think we have all established the fact that I am not a normal person.

So Sandra wins! That is right! The word I shouted out while still counting sheep was, "OKEY-DOKEY!" A mere slip of the tongue that dropped a slang term I try not to use and I get inaugurated into the Meaner-Meaner club!

I wonder if I can get a refund for the registration fee?

Thanks for playing, everyone! If you are reading this post on Saturday, then all I have to say is, "Get your butt out and enjoy such a lovely day!" See, I knew I could find my mean side if I looked hard enough. Ew! I feel so dirty now. I have to go take a shower.

I will return to my regular post schedule of Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. This means you will see another (okay, this is just too much) post tomorrow. Oh, you might want to check it out! There is a mystery involved . . .


  1. If you are reading this post on Saturday, then all I have to say is, "Get your butt out and enjoy such a lovely day!"

    Okey-dokey, Meaner-Meaner.

  2. lol Stephen. Well, at least I won at something, Michelle! I've been in a battle with bubble babble and btw this is me, Sandra Ree and I think I lost. I can't view my blog for some reason and I can't view a couple of other blogs that I visit, don't know what's going on. So I fought back and made me another blog...

  3. Oh, Stephen! Don't make me hurt you! LOL! Just kidding! Really...


    It's not just you. I couldn't read yours or Suldog's or Stephen's blog this morning. It seems that Interent Explorer is having some type of glitch with Blogger. I can read your Bubblebabble blog now, although I still have to check out everyone elses site.

  4. I got all your comments Michelle and I thank you for jumping right on that. I was seriously thinking that my computer needed a overhaul. And I was going to do that today. Thank goodness for you! I'm going to delete sitemeter as soon as I leave this comment. Thanks again. Meaner-Meaner my foot, let me at them! :)

  5. The blog-viewing problem yesterday was apparently caused by Sitemeter going splooey. I couldn't view my own blog, and someone in a Blogger help group advised me to delete Sitemeter; I did and everything was fine. Of course Sitemeter fixed its own problem later in the day.

  6. Sandra and Stephen,

    It's strange how one little thing like logging the number of visitors could have such an effect on our viewing pleasure. Oh well...

  7. And they got on YOUR case for saying, "Okee-Dokee"? I don't think YOU are the meaner-meaner here.

  8. Different strokes for different folks, Suldog. One person's innocent word is another person's mean word...

    Oh, who am I kidding? Okey-dokey wasn't mean. They just needed to hold something over me to justify their own bad attitude. The world is a weird place, and human beings hold the trophy.


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