Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wild livestock

My photo days are back. Sunday’s Shutterbug Show. But we must be very quiet when viewing these photos. The animals are sneaky and quite dangerous!

I know this is not an animal. Duh! This is a picture of the electric fence box that used to keep our bigger livestock penned in the pasture. I had posted a story about it awhile back concerning such a contraption and on how my siblings and I used to play around with it when young. Our parents might as well have given us forks to stick in electrical plugs. We all would have been safer that way.

If you look real close at the silver part on the front, it is reflecting the area like a mirror. The green blotch is the yard, and if you look at it just right you can make out my face holding the camera. What do you mean you can’t see me in the photo? I am standing right there. Whatever. You people can be so insatiable with wanting to see a picture of me. My God! I already posted three pictures, two of which you can find in the sidebar. My 5-year-old mug shot and my 34-year-old self . . . oops! Where did that one come from? Why am I not holding the Chinese Fan in front of my face? Oh, I have to delete that one before anybody sees it!

Ahem, back to the story. The days of raising the bigger livestock are long gone from the farm. Yet wild livestock are lurking about, and we must tread carefully. One of these creatures bit me on the hand when I was young. They are more dangerous than any human-biting pig we had.

Hmm, they can be hiding anywhere. With there little black eyes filled with ravenous hunger, they like the concealment of flowers. Why not? The unsuspecting human would walk up in the mood to daintily smell the fragrant petals, exposing the jugular vein, as the creatures will bare teeth while lunging.


Sorry. I thought that was one of them now. Sneaking up behind me and debating whether to hamstring me so that I would be too crippled to walk. No, this is . . . um . . . I want to say it is a black walnut shell but I might be wrong on that. The squirrels will take the nuts off the tree and crack them open on the cement patio to get to the good food inside - a little like this nut, cracking open her imagination to get at the interesting stories to post. Oh, the maple seeds on the ground are a favorite food for the wild livestock. So they must be somewhere close . . . wait! I see one!

Don’t let its cute appearance fool you! They are wild woman-eaters (hmm, this would be a good title for a story) and will sink teeth into a person at every opportunity. I was safe while taking pictures through the screen door. But I was also scared! Every time the camera clicked, the creature would go motionless, listening for where the noise came from. I knew it could smell my fear, and it looked hungry.


  1. The squirrels? Those sweet little rodents that run around in circles on the trunks of our pecan trees? The bushytailed creatures that Buttercup catches and shakes till they’re lifeless and then leaves them on my back porch for me to clean up? lol

    And I'm glad you said that was a black walnut shell, my mind starting playing tricks on me when I saw the feathers lying around it.

    I must say Michelle, that electric fence box is the scary thing in this post after your sibling story! *shudder*

    34 huh? Girl, I took you for being in your early twenties when I saw that picture. Love both of your pictures, the 5 year old and the impossible, young looking, older one! Both very sweet! :)

  2. The chippers! Those chipmunks are a terror! AHHHH!

    It's strange. I hate getting my photo taken because back when I was 20, everyone thought I looked older. Now that I reached my 30's, everyone says I look younger. Very confusing.

    EW! Are you joking about Buttercup and the squirrels? Because I would definitely teach that dog a new trick, like cleaning after herself/hiself.

  3. Man! I saw that black walnut shell and I thought FOR SURE it was a pig snout that had been ripped off somehow. Man!

  4. You see? I knew I wasn't going crazy! I thought the pig-snot thing the moment I uploaded the picture. I'm glad it was you who brought it up. I sure didn't want to say it just to have men with strait-jackets knocking on my door.


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