Sunday, August 24, 2008

Award Day!

Well, I have been meaning to make this post for awhile now *snicker-snicker* and I finally found a day to do it.

Yay! I don’t have to think up a story today. Er, I mean . . . boo-hoo! The story ideas are going to collect in my brain until I crack and get sent to a mental institution.

Did anyone else suddenly hear cheering over that last part? Never mind. It seems that one of my rabid fans - ahem - wonderful blog readers . . . Sandra Ree from Bubblebabble . . . has given me an award (two, actually - in one day) and now I must nominate other people to receive this award. I’m not good at giving out such things, so I will defer to the one person who is much better at announcing popular people.

Without further ado, I give you . . . JOAN RIVERS!

Hello, Joan? Oh, it seems her plane is late today. I guess I will have to do something about the awards myself.

Sigh, I will admit that I’m not good at putting other people in the spotlight. I hate being in the spotlight myself . . . DAMN IT! WILL SOMEONE TURN OFF THAT EXTRA LIGHTING? IT’S MAKING MY MAKEUP ALL SWEATY! Ahem, the problem is that I do not know if anyone will accept the awards if I give it to them. Or, they might have already been given the same award before and they do not want to add another to their overflowing sidebar. Or they might not be into awards at all although their blog certainly deserves it for the information they give and the overall entertainment they provide.

Sigh again . . . At least I have one thing going for me. Since I only have a few devote readers, it makes it easier to give out the awards. In fact, it makes it so easy that I can just say, "Go ahead, anyone. If you want the award then take it. There is enough for everyone here. I’ll probably link to your blog numerous times in the future so you will get even more link love and become famous while little old me rocks in my straitjacket in the cold sterile room."

At any rate, if you take an award then let me know in the comments section. This will allow me to smother you with hugs with the paparazzi snapping our photos as I get my fifteen seconds of fame before your bodyguard beats me with his nightstick and tosses my battered body in the dumpster.

Oh, I almost forgot about the awards. Here they are:

At first, I didn’t know what the second one said. I thought it was Spanish, and the only Spanish I know is, "Como estas?" Ah . . . "Et tu, Brute?" No, that’s Latin. Um . . . "Erigato, baja!" No, that’s Japanese. "Tai yaon chu lai" . . . drat, that’s Chinese. Okay, one more try. "Dude, don’t bogart the water bong." Wow. 60's hippie. I think I’ll stop now.

Of course, thoughtful blogger Sandra emailed me on what the words meant. It is Portugese. This is what the award says:

The Tree of Happiness Award

"You have just received the tree of happiness. It is scarcely a small plant, which depends on you to grow firmly and strongly. Plant it on your heart, water it with smiles and kindness, feel the aroma of its flowers, savour the sweetness of its fruits and protection under its shade whom you love."


  1. heh heh, it's fun getting awards but not handing them out. I've handed out awards to whomever will have them (anyone that comments on my blog)and I've given out awards by naming individual bloggers and either way I feel like someone either got upset because they weren't "chosen" or because they did get "chosen"! lol You can't win either way.

    I really like the way you handled the awards just by linking without naming anyone. Even tho now I'm going to have to explain why I only paid them a visit for only 1 second. I'm pretty sure they won't believe me when I say I read that fast! :D

    Oh and thanks for the link, I like that you mention my blog, over and over and over. heh heh

    hmmm, I wonder if they give out awards for rabid fans?

  2. congrats! *joan rivers didn't show because she didn't get an award. She's PO'd. I'd send her the awards quick!*

  3. Congrats on the awards! :) I really do think you deserve them; your writing is simply amazing!

    Hmmm... maybe I could hire you to ghost-write for me. I'd probably quadruple my traffic, and for the first time in forever, my blog would actually be *interesting* to read! LOL!

    Thim :)

  4. Sandra: Awards for rabid fans? Don't you have enough of them already? You would spend an entire week naming all the people who visit you, and I would be getting one too!

    Laughingwolf: Thanks kindly! Don't forget to take one for yourself - free of charge for people who comment.

    Chris: Your name is on the list - so don't forget to take one. As for Joan Rivers, she can have a reward only when she pries it out of my cold dead hands! That camera hog!

    Thim: Thanks for stopping by! I won't charge you for an award either (I'm in such a giving mood today) so pick your poison, I mean pleasure.

    Ghost-write for you? Me? Oh dear, you are asking for trouble if you take that route. Anyway, you don't need my help. Your blog is interesting enough without me ruining things for you.

  5. MLH - You're too sweet, as always. I do have one of these already, as you seem to know, but not the other. I'll put it up on my sidebar, with the usual disparaging commentary :-)

  6. Oh, Suldog. You know youdeserve every single one!


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