Thursday, April 2, 2009

Picture Adages

Yes, I am having a picture day today. When I showed you the cat one (at the side) awhile back after I received that really cool b-day gift from my wonderful stitcher friend. I figured I would show you a few others I have.

Um . . . as soon as I can find them.

I know there are more than the four, somewhere. They are probably hiding in a box because I didn’t have any place to hang them. Well, I’ll just post the ones I’ve found. I’m sure everyone has heard of a few of these adages before, but they look even cuter in their frames. I didn’t make them (although I could - they look very easy to make), so I will give credit where credit is due. Only because I found the company name on the back of one - and I didn’t even know it was there for this whole time. I just turned one of the pictures over to place it on my scanner and there it was.

Anyway, the company is called, “McDarlins.” Isn’t that cute? It’s like saying, “My darlings,” but with an accent - maybe Southern or Scottish. McDarlins. I could say it all day. They are in Cincinnati, Ohio and I have no idea if the company is still in business. I bought these pictures more than 15 years ago at an Arts & Crafts fair held at my local mall. It’s one busy mall, and wonderful to go to during these fairs. Book Fairs. Crafts fairs. Spend a day shopping and browsing from local merchants. I used to buy small statues and figurines there. Maybe one day soon I’ll do a picture post for those.

Okay, I’ve digressed. If you are curious about the company, you can always do a Google search for it. It is also possible because this was at a merchant fair that McDarlins might be family-owned and this is their last name (so be polite when you contact them because it might be their home address).

How cool is having a last name like, “McDarlins?” You would never have a bad day at work if people said, “Hey, McDarlins(my darlings)! Could you handle the upset customer wearing the ski mask and holding the billy club?” It would put a smile on all the doctors’ faces when you came into the emergency room on the stretcher. It’s much better than having the last name, “Hickman(country/redneck/hillbilly man).” Take the following as examples . . .

“McDarlins(my darling), would you care for this dance?”

“Hickman(country/redneck/hillbilly man), I would dance with you but I’m afraid your illegal moonshine still has caught on fire and is ready to explode.”

“McDarlins, let me hold the door open for you.”

“Hickman, the door says Push. This means you place both hands on the handle and, oh never mind! Let me open it.”

“McDarlins, would you like the filet mignon, or the lobster bisque?”

“Hickman, the road kill looked a bit gamy when driving to the restaurant. So if you want to club one of our rats in the kitchen, then have at ‘em!”

Well, this post has certainly migrated from a sweet picture showcase to illegal hard liquor and rodent club sandwiches. Let me end this by showing you one last picture, and it is my absolute favorite. I think everyone will know why. If anyone wants to have it as their very own bling for their blog, feel free. Save it into the “My Pictures” folder on your computer and then just post it in your sidebar.


  1. Michelle, what a great post! I love the name "McDarlings", it sure sounds funny and pleasant at the same time.;))
    All the pictures are great and the text makes so much sense.;)) My favourite is the last one; now I do not feel so bad about the dust bunnies flying all over the house.;))

  2. Love it! "Adjust". Great concept.

  3. I love the way your mind works. If you wouldn't take it as a hideous insult, I'd say it reminds me of my own.

  4. Oh you poor Hickman girl, hehehe. LOL at the McDarlin/Hickman comparison.

  5. Thanks for the smiles today. I love that last one, too.

    I may have to adapt it and hang it in my home!

  6. Like the pics a lot. Some of us have cobwebs in both places.

  7. Well, I'm certainly not into needlepoint, but the sayings on a couple of those definitely made me chuckle.

  8. Great post. I heard a saying a while back that I completely agree with:

    "Dogs have Masters...
    Cats have Staff"

    Ain't it the truth. Now excuse me, I have to go take care of my cat. He's looking at me in that usual bored and annoyed way.

  9. love the last pic too! i might post it on my sidebar...

    also, the hickman / mcdarlins is fun.

  10. Protege: I can't stop saying it. McDarlins is just fun! And never feel bad about the dust bunnies.

    Chris: I can't think of a better word to have in life.

    Suldog: I won't take it as an insult so long as you don't take away my Tool CDs.

    Carolina: I swear. Hickman? What a cruel joke to play, especially since I grew up a country girl.

    Legalmist: Feel free to take the last one. Glad to have you smiling. :-)

    Oren: Glad you liked the pics. Make sure to have a good sneeze today. It always helps to clear the mental cobwebs. I make sure to do it at least twice.

    Buckskins: I have to find the box with the other pics. There are even better ones.

    Eric: I think the pet adages are the best, maybe because deep down inside we know they are true. And be careful about cats. When they get you dressing in maid uniforms, something is definitely out of whack with the universe.

    Chris S.: Do post it! Yes, Hickman is fun. I think everyone should have a sense of humor when it comes to their name.

  11. If we combined the Home Sweet Home plaque with the cobwebs, it'd fit perfectly in my house. :)

  12. lol... sweet sense of humor, michelle :)


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