Thursday, April 30, 2009

Results and Rewards

First off, I would like to thank everyone who stopped by and voted on my poll, “Readers vs. Writers.” I enjoyed seeing so many people eager to participate. The results are up for everyone to see and, just like I figured, no one voted for the naked gymnastics and Mallo Cup choice no matter the pay incentive for a $10 Amazon gift card.

Huh? The choice isn’t up there. Well, I could have sworn I placed it in the poll. Ha! Everyone knows how unpredictable Blogger can be with these gadget things. It probably ate the choice. No matter. I won and the Announcer lost. Nyah-nyah-nyah!

As a reward to you . . . no amazon card . . . no naked pictures, I will give everyone who participated a nifty little blog award of your choice. Yeah, I received two of them and I am very grateful toward the two bloggers who are so sweet to pass these on to me. Yet I am completely throwing out the tagging rules because I have no desire to leave comments on fifteen blogs telling those people they received the award. I am way too busy in my life right now to do it, what with jobs, moving, and writing to contend with.

Anyhow, I received this award from the very sweet Aerin from “In Search of Giants.” Thank you kindly, dear!

Isn’t it adorable? Friendship. How could I possibly pick only a few people for this award? In my trolling through the Blogosphere, I have discovered that this place offers so much friendship to so many people around the world. Everyone shares friendship. So I will do the same with this award.

The second award I received is from one of my newest visitors: ever thoughtful Eric from “Working My Muse.” Despite the fact he called me a lemon, and I told him I would get all surly up in his grille because I thought he was trying to sell me a used car, I will be nice about it.

I wonder how many miles this lemonade stand gets by the gallon?

Anyway, you can pick whichever you want. Thanks for all the votes! My readers are great!


  1. Heh heh, and here I meant lemon in the grandest way! :) You're a great writer, a great blogger, and worthy of these awards. I know what you mean about sending it out to 15 people though. I was pretty hard choosing who to add to the "lemon club".

  2. Eric: Well, I had to put my own flair into it! As long as you didn't think me as being a "sourpuss," I was fine with it. ;-)

  3. Congratulations on the two-fer! And good luck with that move. eww!

  4. You deserve every award you get and more.;))) Congratulations.;))

  5. You deserve as many wonderful plaudits as are given, MDGF!

    You didn't specifically give me one of these, and I thank you. I wouldn't want to publicly eviscerate you again. I like you far too much.


  6. grats michelle!

    how come ye dinna take the one from MY page, lass? :(

  7. See, I'm the Anti-Suldog when it comes to awards . . . the more the merrier.

    Thanks, Michelle, now I get to decide between hearts and lemons.

  8. If I knew how to send a "A Very Sweet and Talented Woman" award, I would send it to you.

  9. Angie: Thanks! I'm been trying to do this move thing since August, but delays and stupid stuff keep cropping up. Sigh...

    Protege: Thanks!

    Suldog: You already ripped me one good, you-know-what when I gave you an award. I shall wear my scars proudly.

    Laughingwolf: You get so many cool ones that I never know which to take. Also, I don't want to be bogarting too many.

    Chris: Hearts and lemons...tough choice, isn't it?

    Theresa: Ah, gee. You got me blushing!


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