Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sports Girl


What a wonderful sport! Men on skates with heavy padding whacking a piece of vulcanized rubber into a mesh netting for 60 minutes.




All to win a cup that you can’t drink out off without drowning yourself in beer.

I love it! In honor of hockey, I will recap an ode I made last year.

As I sat on my hungry buck, holding my duck called Chuck,
I said to Chuck, “Hey, duck! Look at that flying hockey puck!
It’s whizzing through the muck,
and I hope those players don’t get it stuck
in the windshield of my brother’s truck. Such bad luck!”

And with that I slapped my buck,
as we trotted home to the land of the Canucks.
I looked at Chuck and replied, “Sorry, duck.
Forgot to buy food; I am such a shmuck.
So of you, my unlucky duck, I must pluck.”

And I plucked my duck named Chuck
and into the pot I tucked my duck
before grabbing my horny man named Bruck
as we began to --------- sleep.


  1. I'm with you. There is no better sport around. Friday night I'm coming out of roller hockey retirement to see if I can still play. I haven't in seven years because i broke my leg playing.

  2. Travis: Ouch! Sorry for the broken leg. I loved hockey when young. I plan to die loving hockey, at least watching it. Hope you do well during your comeback.

    Angie: I don't play it. I just watch the professional side of it.

  3. Wouldn't have guessed you were a hockey fan. Cool, just surprising. Good little ditty though. I don't think I could have found so many things that rhyme with puck and still make it sound as good.

  4. I went to exactly one ice hockey game. Maybe you have to start young to know they're all doing out there.

  5. Hee-Hee!

    Hey, I'm thinking that your Pens, my B's, and Buck's Wings (Hah! Buck & Wings!) all have a decent shot at The Cup. If our teams play each other, in any combination, we're going to have to vow to keep the friendship going even though the playoff fever might induce us to be a bit chippy :-)

  6. Snort.. your last line made me laugh out loud. I used to be a bit Bruins' fan in my youth and though I really don't care much about hockey these days, a small part of me still roots for them.

  7. Oh yeah Michelle, forgot to tell you. You're a lemon. Really. http://workingmymuse.blogspot.com/2009/04/im-lemon.html

  8. Eric: I'm still trying to figure out why I love the sport so much. Can't be the reason that I was born with the proverbial puck in my mouth and knocking my older brother's head in with sticks.

    Snowbrush: Thanks for stopping by and commenting! That's one more hockey game than I've gone to. I've never actually seen a played in person. Maybe one day...

    Suldog: CHIPPY? What are you saying, you dirty Bruin? Oh, just because I'm a Pen's fan you can strut around here all high and mighty!

    *koff-koff* Wow, don't know what came over me there for a second. Actually, I left a comment over at Buck's place saying that the match-up I would like to see would be the Bruins against the Blue Jackets. Oh, I'm still rooting for the Penguins to kick some bear butt, but still...

    Hilary: But... you live IN CANADA? Isn't there a rule that you HAVE to like hockey and mostly canadian teams like the Oilers or the Habs? What's wrong with you, woman? ;-)

    Eric: I'm a what?

    Chris: *COUGH-COUGH-HACK!* Let's go DEVILS? How dare you speaketh such blasphemy upon a PITTSBURGH PENGUINS fan blog. I'm dumbfounded. I'm dumbstruck. Dare I say it? I'm even a touch bedeviled...

    Oh wait. I remember now. That's a joke about liking the Devils because you made the Easter comment about loving "deviled eggs." Haha! I get it now. A good joke!

  9. Haha, priceless : ) The last hockey game I went to, by the way, I wore a mullet to ... it was an eighties-themed game and a ton of fun.

  10. Klo: A mullet? That would have been a great sight to see! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. "All to win a cup that you can’t drink out off without drowning yourself in beer."

    Ah, spoken like a TRUE Pens fan. We drink champagne out of The Cup in Dee-troit. :-)

    True, yet sad, story... I suffered through ten years of heartbreak while living in Detroit, and then The Beloved Wings win The Cup... back-to-back, at that!... the year AFTER I left Motown. And to add insult to injury, my former next door neighbor sends PICTURES of her and her boyfriend drinking out of The Cup at our favorite watering hole... along with pics of her and various Wings team members... not a week after the first win. Can you say "heartbreak?"

    I promise to be civil if the Pens (heh) and Wings make it to the finals. Less so if the Bruins play the Wings. ;-)

  12. Buck: Only wimps drink champagne out of a manly cup such as the STANLEY. Unless it's the team, and they can drink whatever they want since the worked so hard to win it.

    Don't worry, Buck. I'll be civil too when the Penguins and the Sharks compete for the Cup. I'll even make sure to send you a few pics.

  13. Sharks? SHARKS? Bwa-waa-ha-ha! They'll be OUT by the end of the evening. Wings-Bruins. Bet on it. :-)

  14. Buck: I'm willing to cede to the Bruins. They will be a tough team for the Pens to beat. But Detroit going for it again? Nut unless you're poisoning the drinking water for the other teams.

    Um...are you?

  15. Only *virtually*, Michelle. Air fare is just too danged expensive, ya know.

    The Sharks pulled out a squeaker last night, winning in OT, and it's back to the Duck Pond tomorrow for Game Six. I think it'll be over at that point, but I'm "on the record" as hoping that series goes seven games. I really don't care WHO wins the series, when push comes to shove... we (ahem. The Wings...) can beat either team.


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