Monday, June 22, 2009

Blog Hiatus

I am putting both of my blogs on hiatus until further notice. I have closed off the comment section because I did not want annoying amounts of spam clogging up the space. Feel free to email me of any important news, links, or blog posts that you want me to check out when I get back.

michhickman @ (get rid of the spaces before you hit send)

Sorry for this everyone. Things have been very rough in my life lately, and I've slipped a little too far to find a foothold. I've found such good friends in the realms of the Internet. If I get a chance to get back, then I'll get in contact with each and every one of you.

Love ya all! I’ll try to get back soon. Keep the hope alive. Squash all your werd imps. Share the laughs and hugs with all of your blog readers.

Writers, I expect every one of you who visit my blog to have a signed publishing contract when I get back. Authors, I expect every one of you to have a Nobel Peace Prize for Literature. All non-writers, I expect you to hit the lottery and be kind to the next person you see.

Peace, Love, and Understanding!
Michelle Hickman


  1. Okay, I'm still sort of--kind of not here. Not sure when I'll officially be back yet since there will be some things happening in the next two weeks.

    But I might go on sporadic postings from here on out, since someone who shall remain nameless said my position on his blogroll depends upon a 30-day no post rule. He could have mentioned that before!

  2. Well, the person who shall remain nameless does seem to have a big ol' category on his sidebar devoted to such miscreants, but I suppose some people who shall remain similarly without identification never bother to scroll down that far :-)

  3. HA! For the person who shall remain nameless doesn't realize that the some people who shall remain similarly without identification has scrolled down that far and so much farther down to the very end of the sidebar every day to where it almost seems stalkerish.

    So some people who shall remain similarly without identification knows about the category, but does not wish to be placed into such a category so far within the nether regions of the person who shall remain nameless - because it's scary down there. :-)

  4. Saw ya on Dawg's comments and wanted to drop in and say HEY. You're in my thoughts and prayers, Mich.

    Huggage and take care. Come back asap! :)

  5. Thank you, dear Angie. I appreciate your huggage!

  6. Oh. What am I going to do? Now that I don't have your blog, I'm going to have to go to... dunh dunh dunh, Weird Meats. Do you know how weird and twisted they are down there? :)) JK, but seriously, good luck with whatever it is your doing!

  7. skyeblu: Well, it's not like I'm dying... ack-ack.. heart is palpitating... haha! ;-)

    I'll try to get back. I don't think I'll ever stop blogging. The addiction is way too deep now.

  8. Hello. Just checking out new blogs and really like yours. Feel free to come check out mine if you'd like. :D

  9. Lee Beth: Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I'll mosey on over and check out yours soon.


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