Friday, April 27, 2012

The Agony of Defeat

Yeah, we lost. Sadly, we deserved it.

The Pittsburgh Penguins were the favorites in the sports world in going all the way into winning the Stanley Cup. As it was, we had been down players for almost the entire season. Sidney Crosby suffered from a concussion for most of the season. Evgeni Malkin had knee problems. Bruce Orpik suffered from an upper body injury. The list of injured players goes on.

But we were still the favorites. We battled into good standing and won home ice advantage. We were up against the Philadelphia Flyers during the first playoff game, who we've successfully beaten in the past. We had a good lead at 3-1. Then, we blew it. 4-3 in the Flyers favor.

Okay. No problem. We still have Game 2. Again, the Penguins played playoff hockey, getting into the lead again by 3 points. The final? Flyers-8. Penguins-5.

The Flyers were up 2 games from the Penguins. What had happened? No one really knew, or if they did they sure didn't want to say why. Game 3 also went to the Flyers at a score of 8-4.

The Penguins just looked like they couldn't keep up. We came back to win Game 4 at 10-3 and Game 5 at 3-2. But then we dropped the ball and lost the all important Game 6 at 5-1. We were out of the playoffs.

Instead of looking like this:

We looked like this:

Oh well, next year can again be our year.  On to brighter news, the Overlord has discovered a thing called, "walking." She's starting to become quite proficient with it, as I would show you except I haven't been able to post any video with Blogger now.

I have the little blue video box appear and it says it's loading video. But I get a message at the bottom of the screen (I'm using Firefox) that constantly says it's waiting for a response from Blogger, and it doesn't seem to receive one. The last time I tried to upload video, I waited over 15 minutes. I'm not sure if it's not recognizing the video I created with my camera (I never had problems with video taken with my laptop) or if this is strictly a Blogger thing.

Okay. Times UP! Like the Penguins, you have disappointed me, Blogger. You're in my penalty box until I figure out what to do with you. I'll just have to post the latest photo of the Overlord, taken the day before the day before yesterday.

Have a good day, everyone. May your teams make mighty goals and drink gustily from their playoff cups.


  1. Personally, I prefer the championship portrait from the year before the one you show here. . . But, my Wings did no better than yer Pens (for that matter, we went out in five games, not six). But then, neither did Suldog's Bruins, and they are the defending champs (cue the Clouseau accent - 'Not Any More!')

    Ah, well, it'd be boring to just win every year, wouldn't it? (But wouldn't you love to see just how boring it could get?)

  2. Sorry about your Penguins. It's too bad they couldn't make it happen.

    As for the Overlord, congrats on getting your walking shoes. Tell your minion to switch to Chrome. It's a better browser all around and might work better with uploading a video.

  3. Craig: I think I could handle the boredom of winning every year with a contended sigh and a half-hearted fist-pump of joy.

    Eric: I've heard about Chrome. I think I'm just a holdout in not wanting Google to control my entire internet world.

  4. At least you have a champs photo. Sharks appear to have a way to go before they have one.

    Have you tried posting your video to Youtube and then embedding it here? [just a thought]

  5. Uncle Skip: No, I never tried. I figured it was hard to do the Youtube thing with registering and downloading things and stuff. I guess I'll have to look into it now if I keep having problems.

    1. Since you already have a Blogger account, YouTube shouldn't be difficult since it's all Google.

  6. Well, as you know, my Bruins went down in game seven. Oh, well. We won it all last year, and that was a kick, so no tears.

    It takes quite a while for video to load on Blogger. When I loaded some the other day, I think it took about 5 minutes. I thought it wasn't going to load, and I was going to do as you did, just post a photo, but it finally did.

  7. I've waited longer than 5 minutes. I, at first, thought it was the length of the video. But I tried doing really short ones and still get the problem. Oh well. I'll figure it out eventually.


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